Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sage, the Podcaster

So, maybe you've noticed that I haven't posted a damn thing since May and maybe you're wondering why. Truth be told, I hate the whole idea of blogs. Truly. I think they're fascinating ways for learned scientists and informed political types to share their knowledge and insights with the world, but for the rest of us? Ugh. Horrible. You don't honestly want to know what I had for breakfast, what movies I watched, and what books I'm reading, do you? So, I'll spare us both the dizzying mundanity of all that and do what I do best -- write stories.

Which leads me to the point of this post, which is....PODCASTING! Once a week, I'll be uploading a new Quickie for your listening pleasure. And get this: it's free! Smut at no cost. Did you evah??

So follow the link in the subject line or go to to hear the latest. I'll be posting a new Quickie every Monday morning (and hey, it may be Tuesday some weeks...), so check it out. I want to hear what you think about them, too, so leave me comments (but please don't be too mean -- I am easily injured!).