Thursday, December 15, 2005

LEATHER, LACE AND LUST -- re-released by Berkley!

M. Christian and I are soooooo thrilled to announced that LEATHER, LACE AND LUST has been purchased by Berkley Books and is now out!

LEATHER, LACE AND LUST explores the connection between clothing and sex and really runs the gamut from fun to provocative to disturbing. This book first came out in 2003, published by the Venus Book Club, which meant that only Venus Book Club members could buy it. Not the best way for a book to get exposure, you know? Plus, we knew it was an excellent book and wished it could have gotten the attention it deserved (not all anthologies come together as an editor would like, but this one did). Just look at THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW EROTICA 4 and you'll find several stories from LEATHER, LACE AND LUST! Anyway, we were delighted when we learned that Berkley bought it several months ago, gave it a new cover, and will be putting it in bookstores across the country! We're excited for a number of reasons, but primarily because this was just a little, throwaway book for Venus yet it was full of really excellent stories. Here's the table of contents if you want proof:

Killing the Marabou Slippers by Molly Laster
When Calls Ed Wood by Tom Piccirilli
Underneath Your Clothes by Elizabeth Coldwell
Cruising with Vickie and Marge by M. J. Rennie
A Novel of Manners, Set Vaguely in the Heian Era by Jason Rubis
I Am . . . by Christine Morgan
Contented Clients by Kate Dominic
A Little Bit Like a Slut by Thomas S. Roche
Nacht Ruck by Karen Taylor
Dress Pinks by M. Christian
Debt of Honor by Tulsa Brown
Cashmeres Must Die by O. Z. Evangeline
Sheer Excitement by Debra Hyde
Pret-a-Porter by Stacy Reed
Red Nails in the Sunset by James Williams
A Reflection in the Mirror by D. D. Smith
Bethany's Game by Bryn Colvin
Urban Noir by Tara Alton
Twentieth Century by Lisabet Sarai
Skirting Pleasure by Sage Vivant

Spread the word and buy some copies as holiday gifts!