Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What is your erotic personality?

Have you ever wondered why you need one set of stimuli to get turned on while your partner needs something entirely different? Or why you react to certain sexual situations in ways that intrigue, excite, or confuse you? Now you can find out what makes you tick.

In a few months, you'll be able to take the quiz in my book YOUR EROTIC PERSONALITY and get the answers to these questions. You'll learn which erotic type you can claim as your own and how to make the most of it.

But until then ... you can get a glimpse at the types and see which one resonates with you! The downloadable PDF, WHAT IS YOUR EROTIC PERSONALITY?, is available now from

Check it out and let me know if you found it informative -- your opinions matter because I'm currently at work on a sequel to the book!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cool book I forgot to mention

It occurs to me that I never did tell you about a great little book I'm in called American Casanova. This book is worth mentioning, not only because it's a great read, but because it's a collaborative novel "directed" by Maxim Jakubowski. Seventeen different writers (including M. Christian, Lucy Taylor, O'Neil De Noux, Molly Weatherfield, and Thomas Roche, to name a few) contributed a chapter to this book, which constitutes quite a dose of imagination!

The book's concept is wonderful: the legendary Casanova wakes up one morning to discover he's not only alive, but now living in 21st century Venice! He spots a beautiful woman at a party he's not even sure how he got to, and proceeds to go wherever necessary to find her again. He ends up in America, where loads of adventures -- mostly sexual, of course -- await him.

It's a clever book and a cut above average erotica fare. I'm very proud to be in it.

The contest with no prize

If someone offered you a date with Ron Jeremy, would you stare and blink and blubber, stupefied by your incredible luck? Or would you mutter a polite "thank you" and walk away? Enter this contest. It's the only way to know how you'll react when you win.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ooops, I did it again

A few days ago, I was going to sit down and invite you to rejoice with me because iTunes accepted my new RSS feed of Four Minutes, Once a Week! Really, my joy was boundless. No sooner had I started to tell friends and associates about my incredible good fortune, however, when iTunes withdrew its gracious permission and kicked me out of iTunes. Again.

Those of you who have been listening to my podcast for the past year (hard to believe it's that long already!) know that iTunes never accepted me the first time I submitted my feed. They said my content was offensive. Please keep in mind that they blithely carry the podcasts of so-called "sex educators" and people who perform all manner of sex acts to the audible enjoyment of their listeners, but erotic fiction somehow offends their delicate sensibilities.

So let me get this straight, iTunes. It's okay to teach someone what to stick in what hole and how they should touch themselves if orgasm is their goal, but supplying them with stories that will inspire them to do those things without a qualified instructor present is dirty, nasty business.

Whatever. I have truly given up on these sons of bitches. My podcast will never get the exposure that non-fiction podcasts do and the rationale for iTunes' arbitrary rule will eternally elude me.

It's possible for a person to subscribe to my podcast through iTunes, but iTunes will not give me a pretty little page with my photo and a list of previous installments of the podcast. HERE'S HOW TO SUBSCRIBE IN iTUNES:

1. Click on "Advanced" at the very top of your iTunes page. One of the options that will drop down will be "Subscribe." Click on that.

2. It will then present you with a box asking for a URL. To get the audio-only version of Four Minutes, Once a Week, type in . To get the enhanced version -- with images that can be seen on iTunes and iPods -- type in .

(Word on the street is that iTunes is doing a serious clean-up of its podcasts. Many long-running podcasts are getting the boot, and there's lots of grumbling about censorship yet until somebody brings a class-action suit against Apple, I don't suppose our voices will ever get heard. I realize that Apple doesn't have to devote a page to any of us, but my feelings are that if they're going to devote pages to some sexy podcasters, they need to devote them to all of us. But that's just my crazy egalitarian mindset kicking in again. And to think how many hundreds of dollars I've spent in the iTunes store....!)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A sex toy to make you squeal

I know they're not supposed to make us giggle, but sometimes, you see a sex toy that just delights you so much, you want to own it as much for the smiles as for the orgasms. Such as the case with the Lil Piggy Buttplug. I mean, really, this is just adorable!