Monday, September 24, 2007

Go behind the scenes at Custom Erotica Source

For years, people have been curious about what I and my writers do in any given day. What's life like at the office for folks like us? Are we writing more than we're fucking? How do orders get processed? Are there any office romances? And how do we stay on the right side of the law?

Well, I've started a blog to give you a glimpse into what we actually do around here. I post to it more regularly than I do to this one, so you might even consider subscribing to it. You won't want to miss any posts because, let me assure you, there's never a dull moment.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A meaningful review

Today, I learned that Marcy Sheiner had reviewed Your Erotic Personality on her blog, so I eagerly went to check out what she thought. She liked it, thank goodness, and this means a lot to me because Marcy pulls no punches. She would never say nice things to be polite or just to make somebody owe her a favor.

I met Marcy early in my erotica career (1998). She had a column in Playboy online, I believe, and when I learned that she was teaching a class in writing erotica right here in San Francisco, I jumped at the chance to attend. I still employ tips and tricks that I learned from her! She used to edit Cleis Press's Best Women's Erotica series and I was proud to be included in a few of those anthologies. She's got an impressive list of publications.

These days, she's having a great time with her blog, and also with a memoir she's working on about mothers and daughters called How Little We Know. Here, too, Marcy isn't afraid to be and say what she pleases -- most writers work in silos, exercising great caution about who they show their work in progress to, but she's dispensed with all that secrecy and wants to push the envelope a bit by exposing the work as it's being written, rather than presenting it in one package when it's finished. I admire that. I'm too chicken to pull that off.

Marcy recently became a staff writer at CES, and I'm delighted to offer the talents of someone of her caliber to my clients. Marcy, thank you for the great review, and thank you for your own contributions to the writing world.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Speaking of sexy art....

Jackie Adshead has posted a few more goodies on her erotic art page. Hot!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

People! Here is beautiful smut -- and it's free!

You may already know the work of Michael Rosen, as he's been one of erotica's hottest photographers for decades. What distinguishes his work from just about all others, however, is that he prefers to photograph real people. Sometimes these people are involved in real sex acts, other times they seem only inclined to do so. As a result, his work is rich with the gamut of emotions that go with being human.

Today, he announced that he has opted to share his latest work as a downloadable PDF. That's striking in and of itself, but what's even more incredible is that he's offering the PDF at no charge. This is such a wonderful way to familiarize yourself with his remarkable photography!

Here is his announcement:

This is to announce the publication of my fifth photo book, Vanilla Sex: Explicit Fine Art Photographs, available as a PDF for free download.

This PDF is a reprise of a 2005 show at the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco. It's my latest and best work. For me, “vanilla” means the spectrum of our community’s sexuality; what we normally do. So, some photographs are of acts generally considered normal and standard (missionary position sex, for example), while others are of acts considered normal and standard only within the radical sex community. The 53 photographs are soft and romantic images of explicit sex that challenge the banality of pornography. And, check out the introduction by the preeminent photography critic, A.D. Coleman.

Think of this as an advertisement for myself and my work. For me, publication has always been about putting my point of view out in the world in the most effective manner. Last century, I chose printed books for sale; so far this century I choose a free PDF.

Support this work. Buy my art prints. Buy my books - Sexual Art, Sexual Magic, Sexual Portraits and Lust & Romance - from Amazon and other online vendors, or from me at my website.

I'm always looking for people to photograph - individuals, couples and groups - for a variety of sexually oriented projects. I pay and/or trade. Tell your friends!

I hope you will avail yourself of this wonderful PDF and enjoy Michael Rosen's images.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Do you see why I love this man?

M. Christian is more than just a prolific writer. More than just the most original voice in the erotica genre. More than just the man I am lucky enough to call my boyfriend.

He loves boobs!

And so do I, dammit. And what's more, I think that more is better. (Which is good because my own are pretty formidable.)

Anyway, M. Christian has started "reprinting" via his blog the columns he's written for various Web sites over the years. They never fail to entertain, and are yet another testament to his quirky worldview and beautifully twisted perspective on everything from tits to fetishes to politics.

You gotta love this guy. But hey, hands off. He's mine.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Writing workshop in San Francisco

My friend (and Custom Erotica Source staff writer) Jen Cross is teaching another series of transformative writing workshops here in San Francisco.

Write Whole: Survivors Write (for women): Monday eves 9/17 - 11/12
Gather with other survivors of sexual trauma to create new art and new beauty out of your experiences, and deepen your sense of wholeness.
Declaring Our Erotic (mixed group): Tuesday eves 9/18 - 11/13
Declaring Our Erotic (for women): Wednesday am 9/19 - 11/14

These workshops provide a space to get more comfortable exploring and talking about sexuality and desire, and become less inhibited in your writing.
(Both “woman” and “survivor” are intended to be self-defined.)

No previous writing experience necessary – open to anyone who writes or has ever wanted to write. In these exercise-initiated and non-judgmental writing workshops, you’ll be encouraged to risk, stretch and celebrate your complex and fully brilliant self. Changing our language can change who we know ourselves to be.
Writing free and deep can be both mentally & physically healing!

Space is limited! Registration for summer sessions is open, and continues until
each workshop is filled. Workshops held in San Francisco. Register here.

Jen Cross is a freelance writer whose work has been
published in numerous anthologies. She's a queer incest survivor, and has
facilitated writing workshops for the past 5 years. She received her MA in
Transformative Language Arts from Goddard College, and facilitates writing
workshops (both erotic and not) using the Amherst Writers & Artists method.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Gentlemen! Do ladies confound and confuse you?

Well, of course they do. You confound and confuse us, as well. That's why we can't stay away from each other, I guess -- we can't resist a good mystery!

My friend and colleague, LiYana Silver, relationship guru and founder of Redefining Monogamy is hosting one of her increasingly famous tele-classes next week called "Ask A Woman." (A couple of months ago, she hosted "Ask A Man" and it was wildly successful, not to mention entertaining.)

Ask A Woman features four magnificent women (they're written books and/or appeared on TV) who are experts on topics from emotions and intimacy to communication and relationship; and from intellect and insatiability to sex and orgasm.

LiYana offers these tele-classes free because that's the kind of warm-hearted soul she is. But you do have to register -- think of it as a party that you have to RSVP to in order to insure that the hostess has enough food for everybody.

Learn more and register, get a sneak peak at the women on the panel, or invite a friend to the Ask-A-Woman Tele-Class.

Your Burning Questions Answered By A Panel of Expert Women

Tuesday, September 11, 2007
8:30 - 9:45pm ET (Eastern Time)
5:30 - 6:45pm PT (Pacific Time)