Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A lovely review of AMAZONS!

Many thanks to author Lisabet Sarai, who wrote a very nice review of AMAZONS: SEXY TALES OF STRONG WOMEN at one of my favorite sites, The Erotica Readers and Writers Association.
You know, it's no picnic reviewing erotica anthologies...! I'm serious -- every one is just so very different and there are bound to be stories that just don't resonate with every reader. There's a tendency among reviewers to react to the sexual aspects of the stories rather than their inventiveness or emotional hook -- if the reviewer isn't turned on, the book gets a bad review. Lisabet does a terrific job, though, and considers more than the sex scenes when she evaluates the individual stories as well as the book as a whole. So, I'd just like to say "Thanks, Lisabet, for understanding the peculiaities of erotic fiction!" (And she should understand it -- she writes enough of it! Be sure to check out any of her novels -- you'll be in for a great read.)