Tuesday, June 06, 2006

When is an erotic story a tax deduction?

It isn't often that you can get the erotic fiction you want *and* give to
a good cause. But now, thanks to a very special auction that ends on June
16, you can bid on the opportunity to do just that.

You've seen me promote the work of author M.J. Rose on many occasions --
but this time is unlike any other. M.J.'s most recent book, LYING IN BED, is an erotic romance that casts the main character as a writer of love letters for clients who have trouble communicating desire. Being in a similar situation, I identified closely with this character and thought it would be fitting for M.J. Rose to offer customized work of her own through Custom Erotica Source to one lucky recipient.

M.J. Rose insisted, however, that the proceeds for her labor go to her favorite charity, Reading is Fundamental. So, the winning bid on the charity auction at Ebay will benefit RIF.

Talk about a guilt-free fantasy! Get a 2,000-word story from a writer who's proven over and over that she know how to weave an intelligent, sexy tale -- and give to a worthy cause in the process. Opportunities like this are rare indeed. You can actually get a tax write-off for getting turned on!

Bidding has already begun and ends on June 16. Do yourself and Reading is Fundamental a giant favor and place your bid today for a 2,000-word story
by M.J. Rose.