Friday, July 21, 2006

Never Mind!

Guess what? Seems yours truly was more of a self-righteous pain in the ass than the folks at Archipelago Books! So, as Emily Litella would say, "Oh! I'm sorry. Never mind."

I wrote AB a scathing email after they rejected the auction. Yesterday, they wrote me a response, explaining that they didn't object to CES as a "benefactor" -- they were merely confused by Ebay's message and thought it was some sort of spam (yes, because the word "erotica" appeared in it). So they just rejected it.

I assigned very negative motives to them and that was wrong of me. As the representative there so succinctly stated, "I encourage you not to forget that despite all the faces and fronts of the internet, we aren't what we click." Well put, don't you think?

We've exchanged several messages since my previous post and ironed out this misunderstanding. Archipelago Books would be happy to be associated with future auctions from CES.

Please consider this a very public apology, Archipelago. Maybe I'll learn to keep my big mouth shut until I have all the facts.