Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sex -- Then and Now

This morning, I received a link from a friend who knew I'd find it amusing. It's a film from 1965 produced by the Citizens for Decent Literature and it's called "Perversion for Profit." What a hoot! The film warns of the dangers of obscenity, linking it to everything from communism to homosexuality to the fall of Rome. It's among those films that's been parodied so much, you can almost guess the next words out of the presenter's mouth before he says them. (The introductory credit says the man's name is George Putnam, "outstanding news reporter," which is pretty hilarious in and of itself.)

So, I had a good chuckle over it (as I hope you will) and thought to myself, "How far we've come in 40 years."

And then, this evening, an individual by the name of "Real Diehl" wrote me (and several others, I soon learned) to share his original song, which he calls "Circle Jerk for Humanity." Well, folks, this is yet another hoot (although frankly, I was more entertained by the 1965 film).

I may not want to run out and buy this guy's song, but you know, it's pretty cool that he can not only create it but get people to hear it without fear of getting arrested. What would ol' George Putnam have said about Real Diehl, I wonder?

The song made me think yet again that we'd come a long way in 40 years, but I wasn't sure it was necessarily progress...

Which leads me to a final discovery today, mostly thanks to my wonderful man, Chris, who is a huge fan of writer Alan Moore. The Onion did a serious interview with Moore and I was completely floored by this guy's vision and outlook about sex. Read the interview and tell me you don't want to crawl into his brain and learn how it works. I highly recommend the interview, and plan to read his work ASAP. (Luckily, Chris has everything Moore has ever written!)

Alan Moore gives me hope that yes, indeed, maybe we have come a long way in 40 years.