Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some nice reviews

Anytime a writer sends out a book for a review, she hopes that she isn't sealing her doom. I only know of four reviews that have been posted online for Your Erotic Personality , but I'm relieved to note that they're all positive.

I guess the real hammer will fall when Publisher's Weekly does its special brand of smackdown on it...!

So, if you're interested, here are links to the reviews so you can see what people have to say about it:

[The Joy of Sex], and so many others that came after it, focused on the specific acts of men and women having sex. What sets Sage Vivant’s book apart is that it focuses more on the psychology of sex and the eroticism of it: what type of erotic personality are you? What type of behavior appeals to you most? If you can pin that down (and most of us, as Sage points out, will be a combination of types ...), then you can practically jump start your way to more satisfying sexual experiences, and better target sexual partners who will share, enhance, or compliment your erotic interests.

-- Marilyn Jaye Lewis, internationally published erotica author
Read the full review here.

"I cannot recommend this book enough. Very few times do you get an opportunity to have an enjoyable read which will almost assuredly translate into tangible benefits for your own sense of self identity, as well as your confidence, which can then flow over into your meaningful relationships. This is a unique dose of sexual self-help which will open up new possibilities and understandings."

-- Kelly Arthur, The Erotic Woman
Read the full review here.

"In a market which is overcrowded with books on how to spice up your sex life, Your Erotic Personality offers something refreshingly different. Witty and informative, it will have you looking at what (and who) pushes your buttons on in a whole new light."

-- Elizabeth Coldwell, Forum UK magazine
Read the full review here.

"The information on each type is incredibly in-depth. This is made all the more fascinating because this isn't something Sage has read about and re-written, it's information she has gleaned from her customers at CES over the years she has been running it. This is first-hand information, from someone who knows!"

-- Lucy Felthouse
Read the full review here.

Many thanks to you, Marilyn, Kelly, Elizabeth, and Lucy!

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