Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bloggers with brains

I suck as a blogger. Maybe you've noticed?

It's not that I don't have anything to say. If you listen to my podcast, you know that I do! But with all the writing I do in any given day, the idea of then spilling my guts here on a blog fills me with anticipatory exhaustion. I try to keep things short and sweet (okay, except for that crazy post about pole dancing!), but there are other bloggers out there who are not only articulate but insightful, and who have an outlook on sex that's not only healthy and progressive but free of ego and shock value.

In other words, there are mature sex bloggers out there. And as of today, I'm going to start keeping a list of them for you. But beware: I'm going to limit the list to fairly cerebral blogs and bloggers. I figure you've got enough resources for finding naked bodies, learning creative uses for sex toys, or reading about the personal sexcapades and preferences of certain bloggers.

A couple of months ago, I discovered Elizabeth's Sex in the Public Square blog. I like this woman. She puts thought as well as research into her posts, and her posts are frequently related to topical news items that have some bearing on sex in our culture. She rants but she also offers suggestions and insights, which is the sign of a somebody who is more interested in improving the state of the world that just getting hits on their blog.

I also like the saucy, spicy commentary from Carol Queen. I admire her in general but because I know her personally, I also know she's not driven by ego but rather by a sincere desire to explore the sexual side of human behavior and benefit it via education and knowledge. (Hey, that's why she's Doctor Carol Queen, you know?) She doesn't post all that often, but when she does, it's entertaining as well as informative. Like this post, for instance...

Yesterday, I discovered Devon, who seems relatively new to the sex blogging scene but he's got a mission statement I really applaud. Devon wants to stimulate a "cultural climax." Sounds good, eh? As he says: "it's about time we started expecting more then mediocrity in every aspect of our lives -- and then going out and creating it." Check out his video podcasts -- he's a down-to-earth guy who believes (as I do) that sex isn't about positions and technique as much as it's about raw honesty and a willingness to fumble toward truth.

Yes, it's true that I write smut and am painfully, consciously, unrelentingly aware that sex sells, but if I can help steer people toward a deeper awareness of who they are, what they like, and why they need it, can sexual maturity be far behind?

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