Thursday, August 30, 2007

Little acts of love

A writer friend, Jennifer Matlack, is doing an article for Redbook and needs to find married couples (late 20s-45) to include in the piece.

The article is about "the little acts of love" in your marriage; small things couples do for each other that breathe energy, passion, and love into the everyday.

For example, her husband, Jeff, has been known to coax her out of the kitchen and onto the back porch to show her an iridescent blue beetle; take photographs of the vegetables she's harvested from her garden and email the pictures to his mother with a message that reads "Jen's beautiful bounty"; come home from a yard sale and hand her a delicate jewelry box covered in tiny seashells. All of these things are sweet little gestures that remind her why she married him in the first place.

If interested, please email her. (And please feel free to tell friends and family!) She'll need to include quotes from both you and your spouse. Some, not all of the couples, will have their photos published.

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