Monday, November 19, 2007

What are you doing on Valentine's Day 2008?

Well, here's an idea for you. How about a week-long retreat in the Costa Rican town of Montezuma?

My friend LiYana of Redefining Monogamy is offering this retreat, which is "open to individuals and couples who want to create extraordinary relationships, expand body, heart and mind, whilst escaping the dreary mid-winter cold."

If I hadn't already scheduled a cruise with my sweetie up the Pacific Northwest in March 2008, I would jump on this opportunity -- it looks absolutely wonderful. LiYana is combining her inspirational workshop with a relaxing vacation and even a yoga component, which is optional (you could opt to just soak up the sun instead).

The price is outstanding and the location sublime. Barring any airline travel difficulties, there is simply no way you could return from a retreat like this one with any stress at all.

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