Sunday, December 02, 2007

Silky, frilly, smooth, or flimsy?

Although I love to look at lingerie, I don't enjoy wearing it. People are often surprised to learn this about me, since I'm in the sex business and all. But the truth is, most lingerie makes me feel itchy or self-conscious or both. My favorite unmentionables are simple and without artifice, but above all, they must flatter me and be comfortable. I've never met any two men who liked the same lingerie, and I've definitely never met any two men who liked the same lingerie on me -- some prefer lace, others satin. Some like to fight to get it off, others prefer that it peels off with no protest. Perhaps this fact is the reason that smart women choose lingerie not for their lovers, but with their own comfort (or sexual persona) in mind.

I ran across this blog post today, and read through the various French mens' answers about what lingerie means to them or what they like. I found it a bit silly, and I guess it's because only Frederic Taddei seems to have any grasp at all on the nature of eroticism. See what you think...

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