Thursday, December 21, 2006

Glamour Magazine wants your fantasies

Glamour magazine is looking for submissions of sex
fantasies from women age 20-40. They want a desciption
of a fantasy, plus an explanation of why you think you
have the fantasy.

For the article, an expert will "decode" the fantasy.
If your selection is chosen, Glamour will run the
fantasy along with your first name and age. They
particularly need fantasies that fit the following

* about being watched
* involving characters on TV
* about someone they hate/is unattractive
* about her and another woman
* about a stranger
* about dressing up/Sex toys/role playing
* about her focusing completely on, and pleasing him

Keep your submission to two paragraphs, tops. Deadline
is December 29.

Send your fantasy, your phone number, and your
email address (for fact checking only) to Natasha at

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