Saturday, December 30, 2006

You, Coming and Going

Attention Orgasm Fans! Now there's a site that allows you to see the faces of others in their petite morts and even to upload your own.

Beautiful Agony is a rather brilliantly conceived site that offers a voyeuristic as well as an exhibitionistic opportunity for those interested in either. Capitalizing on both is also a clever way to make money, but then again, that's what the sex on the Internet is all about, I guess!

Upload your own video or watch those recorded by others. You'll see a wide range of facial expressions, sounds, and sexual attitudes -- it is indeed a novel concept. What I especially like about this site, though, is that the focus is on the face. No nudity allowed. It makes the watching more personal, somehow, not to have the distraction of bodies. It also makes the experience more intense because you have nowhere to look but the person's face.

And no, you won't be seeing my face up there, despite my exhibitionist tendencies! Special thanks to Leo for alerting me to this very unique site.

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