Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chasers War On Everything - Americans

I don't think any commentary can properly introduce the massive stupidity you're about to witness with this video. Having watched the film Idiocracy last night, I find this video only confirms my fear that morons are multiplying in alarming numbers in this country... I mean, we elected one, for crying out loud.

What do you think? Are most Americans really this dumb and uninformed? Or is it just the ones who live in Texas (where this video was apparently filmed)? (My apologies to intelligent people who happen to live in that state. I know you're out there. Please tell me you're out there.)

I want to be proud to be an American, but man, it's getting harder all the time...

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Anonymous said...

Texan here. To be fair, a lot of that video was obviously shot elsewhere (you can see the White House in several shots, and later, a boardwalk--Miami? L.A.?).

But there are a LOT of morons in Texas (and throughout the U.S.), and some of them are in my family.