Monday, September 10, 2007

Writing workshop in San Francisco

My friend (and Custom Erotica Source staff writer) Jen Cross is teaching another series of transformative writing workshops here in San Francisco.

Write Whole: Survivors Write (for women): Monday eves 9/17 - 11/12
Gather with other survivors of sexual trauma to create new art and new beauty out of your experiences, and deepen your sense of wholeness.
Declaring Our Erotic (mixed group): Tuesday eves 9/18 - 11/13
Declaring Our Erotic (for women): Wednesday am 9/19 - 11/14

These workshops provide a space to get more comfortable exploring and talking about sexuality and desire, and become less inhibited in your writing.
(Both “woman” and “survivor” are intended to be self-defined.)

No previous writing experience necessary – open to anyone who writes or has ever wanted to write. In these exercise-initiated and non-judgmental writing workshops, you’ll be encouraged to risk, stretch and celebrate your complex and fully brilliant self. Changing our language can change who we know ourselves to be.
Writing free and deep can be both mentally & physically healing!

Space is limited! Registration for summer sessions is open, and continues until
each workshop is filled. Workshops held in San Francisco. Register here.

Jen Cross is a freelance writer whose work has been
published in numerous anthologies. She's a queer incest survivor, and has
facilitated writing workshops for the past 5 years. She received her MA in
Transformative Language Arts from Goddard College, and facilitates writing
workshops (both erotic and not) using the Amherst Writers & Artists method.

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