Sunday, September 23, 2007

A meaningful review

Today, I learned that Marcy Sheiner had reviewed Your Erotic Personality on her blog, so I eagerly went to check out what she thought. She liked it, thank goodness, and this means a lot to me because Marcy pulls no punches. She would never say nice things to be polite or just to make somebody owe her a favor.

I met Marcy early in my erotica career (1998). She had a column in Playboy online, I believe, and when I learned that she was teaching a class in writing erotica right here in San Francisco, I jumped at the chance to attend. I still employ tips and tricks that I learned from her! She used to edit Cleis Press's Best Women's Erotica series and I was proud to be included in a few of those anthologies. She's got an impressive list of publications.

These days, she's having a great time with her blog, and also with a memoir she's working on about mothers and daughters called How Little We Know. Here, too, Marcy isn't afraid to be and say what she pleases -- most writers work in silos, exercising great caution about who they show their work in progress to, but she's dispensed with all that secrecy and wants to push the envelope a bit by exposing the work as it's being written, rather than presenting it in one package when it's finished. I admire that. I'm too chicken to pull that off.

Marcy recently became a staff writer at CES, and I'm delighted to offer the talents of someone of her caliber to my clients. Marcy, thank you for the great review, and thank you for your own contributions to the writing world.

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