Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cool book I forgot to mention

It occurs to me that I never did tell you about a great little book I'm in called American Casanova. This book is worth mentioning, not only because it's a great read, but because it's a collaborative novel "directed" by Maxim Jakubowski. Seventeen different writers (including M. Christian, Lucy Taylor, O'Neil De Noux, Molly Weatherfield, and Thomas Roche, to name a few) contributed a chapter to this book, which constitutes quite a dose of imagination!

The book's concept is wonderful: the legendary Casanova wakes up one morning to discover he's not only alive, but now living in 21st century Venice! He spots a beautiful woman at a party he's not even sure how he got to, and proceeds to go wherever necessary to find her again. He ends up in America, where loads of adventures -- mostly sexual, of course -- await him.

It's a clever book and a cut above average erotica fare. I'm very proud to be in it.

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