Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Erotica writing in the SF Bay Area

I recently hired a few writers to help out at Custom Erotica Source. Some have written professionally, some haven't, but each and every one of them is creative in some awesome way. Jen Cross, for instance, teaches writing workshops here in the greater San Francisco area and I think hers are especially unique because they link writing to "wholeness." Her Web site is Writing Ourselves Whole and her mission is:

To offer safe, confidential writing groups -- that allow for transformation, risk, laughter, and artistic manifestation -- to a broad cross-section of the community, focusing particularly on those who've felt marginalized and silenced (survivors of sexual trauma and domestic violence, members of the LGBTQQI communities, and those who are poor, underemployed, or homeless).

What a beautiful concept. And she places a strong emphasis on erotica, which is utterly brilliant, not to mention inspired. Few things are more essential to the core of the soul than sexuality. And sadly, so many souls are damaged there... Check her site for a class schedule.

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