Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I talk to Chip August

Several weeks ago, Chip August (host of the podcast, Sex, Love and Intimacy) interviewed me. That interview is now live online. The sound quality is not the best, but if you listen with headphones or earbuds, it's much better than listening through your computer's speakers.

I like this interview because he asked questions that I think most people would have, and he allowed me to answer them (instead of talking over me like so many interviewers tend to do these days!). It's a great way to learn a bit more about what Your Erotic Personality is all about. Enjoy -- and feel free to post your thoughts here or on my Erotic Personality blog.

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Jackie Adshead said...

Hi Sage - I enjoyed listening to your interview and putting a voice to your face! I wish you every success with your book - it deserves to do well, and I'm sure your readers will learn a lot from it.