Monday, June 18, 2007

Ladies with flagging libidos

For a sex health story in Glamour, writer Natasha Chilingerian is looking for anecdotes from women who got their sex drives back during a time in their lives when their libidos were especially low.

She's looking for stories from women who either made a major lifestyle change in order to get their sex lives back (quit a bad job, started pampering themselves in some way, etc.), or made small changes to boost their sex lives (bought sexier clothes, erotic novels, etc.).

She already has stories involving exercise, alcohol and cologne, so she can't take any relating to those topics. Also, she can only take stories from women who live outside of New York City.

If you have an anecdote to share (or if you know someone does email Natasha and describe your story, and include your full name, age, town, and, for fact-checking, email
address and phone number. Her deadline is Tues., June 19, at 5pm
central time.

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