Monday, October 08, 2007

All that's slick is not special

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I am sick to death of bullshit marketing. I was reading a fabulous article today (Is the Net good for writers?) and I saw an ad for Black Label luxury sex toys. What a crock of total shit. Masquerading behind the elegant black background and fancy lighting are the same plastic, made-in-China, buzzing bits of paradise that are sold in any sex toy emporium just about anywhere. Some definitely look to be of better quality than others, but those, too, can be found at places like MyPleasure, Libida, and Babeland. Not to mention a host of others that I'm too lazy to list.

What bothers me is two-fold. First, there's the implication that discriminating cocks and pussies need to spend twice as much to get pleasure that distinguishes itself from that of the unwashed masses. Second, brands like this are attempting to convince the average person that a better kind of sexual thrill can be had at a price. "Come like the rich!" is the message here.

Beauty products pitch a similar message, as do clothing manufacturers, technology companies, and just about any other kind of company. But it still bugs me.

Promise me you'll look for value in your sex toys, not prestige.

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gypsestar said...

Ahh being part of the unwashed masses we just decided to give up our gold plated sex toys and have good old fashion sex in the front yard...